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Understanding My Preferences

  • The options on this page allow you to choose the default display settings for the schedule grid page.
  • The options are arranged according to their function. All options related to time are in one section, grid formatting options in another, grid cell properties in the next, etc.
  • Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page to put your changes into effect.
  • Click the TitanTV Listings link at the top of the page to return to the schedule.
  Tells TitanTV which channel lineup to display by default each time the schedule grid is accessed. Most useful when you have created multiple lineups.
Specifies a default time zone that TitanTV uses to display schedule information relative to that zone. May be overridden for individual channel lineups.
 Yes, Observe Daylight Savings Time
Check this box to instruct TitanTV to adjust starting times for when Daylight Savings Times is in effect. May be overridden for individual channel lineups.
Specifies the default starting time of the schedule grid when it opens. Options are: Current Time - schedule starts at the closest past half hour; Prime Time - schedule opens to the start of prime time programming in the selected time zone; or at the top of the hour selected.
Specifies the default number of hours of programming to be displayed in the grid. Options are 1 through 6 hours.
Specifies the default order the channels in each lineup are displayed in the grid.
Specifies the size of the text displayed in the grid.
 Show Advanced Menu by Default
Check this box to always display the Advanced Menu on the grid's navigation bar.
 Use Full Screen Width by Default
Check this box to expand the schedule to fit the full width of your browser.
 Allow Cell Text to Wrap
Check this box to automatically wrap the program text inside each cell. Text will be truncated when not selected.
 Use Fixed Height Grid Cells
Check this box to make all of the cells in the grid a uniform height. When not selected, the height of each channel's row is dynamic and will change relative to the amount of programming text in its cells.
 Show Program Details on Hover
Check this box to automatically open a program's Details box when you hover the mouse over its cell for a few seconds.
 Show Channel Logos
Check this box to display station or network affiliation logos in the Call Sign column. Simple text for the call sign or network will be displayed when not selected.
 Use Grid Coloring in Details popup
Check this box to have a program's Details box echo the background and text color combination displayed in grid. When not selected, Details data appears as traditional black text on a white background.
 Descriptions  Episode Titles
 HDTV Indicator  New/Repeat Status
 Program Genres  Year of Production
 Movie Rating & Stars  Include TV Ratings
 Program Type Include Season
 Include Audio Descriptions Indicator
Select which program data fields to display in the grid cells.
Choose the default number of days to appear on the Daily View page. The 3 Days option lists a channel's 24-hour schedule for the next 3 days. The 14 Days option displays 3 hour blocks of the channel's schedule for the next 14 days.
 Show the Hints Box
Check this box to display the scrolling TitanTV Hints above the schedule grid. The hints may help you get more out of TitanTV and its features.
 Yes, Show the Today's Mortgage Minute channel
Check "Yes" to enable the Today's Mortgage Minute channel.
 Show 3rd Party Content
Check this box to display 3rd Party Content.
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