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Understanding My Favorite Shows & Movies

  • This page allows you to view, add to and maintain your list of programs and movies you have selected as a Favorite.
  • TitanTV members may select a maximum of 500 programs and movies as a Favorite.
  • A program or movie may be selected as a Favorite on this page by entering its title in the input field and clicking the Add Favorite button.
  • A program or movie may also be selected as a Favorite in the schedule grid by clicking the Favorite icon in its Details box.
  • Programs and movies that have been selected as a Favorite appear in the schedule with a star in the top right corner of its cell.
  • To delete a Favorite, click on the red X on the right side of its box in this list.
  • Click the TitanTV Listings link at the top of the page to return to the schedule.
You've selected 0 item(s) as favorites from a maximum of 200.
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